27 dicembre 2012

Mexican Ice Pops Recipe Book

  • Hardback book
  • Written by Fany Gerson
  • Mexico Inspired ices
If you are bored with the more traditional and common ices of today then take a leaf out of this book and go all tropical with a selection of Mexico inspired recipes to make the perfect frozen treat.
The perfect way to survive any summer, this book has plenty of cooling inspiration.
Created and collected by pastry chef Fany Gerson this cookbook shows off her recipes for paletas which are flavour packed ice pops made from a mix of fruits, nuts, flowers and spices, shaved ice or raspados and Mexican drinks featuring whole fruit and exotic ingredients.
This is a really refreshing look at ices and would make a perfect present for the person who loves to create new and interesting flavoured foods and treats.
This book contains 128 pages of well explained recipes and is hardback.

Great recipes! Easy and a huge hit with the family. We have tried Watermelon, and strawberry so far! Reduced the sugar on the strawberry pops and they were still fantastic.

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