27 dicembre 2012

Penguin Cake Pops

Update: I've added a new post with a full Cake Pop tutorial with some changes to the process. Check out the post here.

I've been reading Bakerella's blog for a while now and I've finally made a batch of cake pops - pink penguins and icebergs!

The key ingredients for cake pops are a boxed cake, can of frosting, lolly pop sticks, and candy melts. I picked out some different sprinkles and candies for decorations.

Cake balls are simple to make. Just bake the boxed cake, let it cool, break it up into crumbs, then mix in the frosting. Roll the dough into balls and put them in the freezer for 15 minutes.

Dip the sticks in chocolate, then stick them half-way into the cake balls. I used a chocolate melter from Wilton that made the process really simple (the chocolate didn't get too thick.)

Then dip the cake pops in the chocolate, rolling the pops as they are removed from the chocolate, to smooth the surface.
The penguins were dipped in pink melts, and the icebergs in blue and white melts. Some of the icebergs also got blue sprinkles. 

To make penguins, dip a small section of the pink balls in the white chocolate to make penguin bellies (after dipping, I tapped the sticks against the counter to smooth the peak that formed on the belly.)

Use large confetti sprinkles for wings and feet, and cut Starburst candies to make the beak. The eyes are drawn on with food-safe pens. 

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