17 gennaio 2013

Dyeing Techniques

Not all of your projects are the same.

Sometimes you need to dye a large item like a bedspread. Other times you're just touching up one of your favorite shirts. Maybe you’re dyeing a non-fabric material like wood, wicker, or paper. Or trying a new technique like Japanese shibori. That's what this section is all about – making sure you get the best results for each project, every time.
Choose a Dyeing Technique
  • For maximum convenience, and for large items, use the washing machine technique.
  • Use the stovetop technique for best color results when dyeing with Rit Black Dye or other dark colors.
  • The sink or bucket technique is suitable for dyeing small or delicate items.
  • If you are just touching up a lightened area in fabric, the spot-dyeing method may be best.

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