17 gennaio 2013

Easy Ombre Earrings

I've been on a little ombre spree lately. Plus with working on opening an Etsy shop, I've been on a huge jewelry spree lately too. Here is one of the simple earrings I came up with. They don't take very long to make and are great for beginning jewelry makers. The hardest part is finding the right sizes and shades of beads (and not leaving the store with 100 different kinds).

If you are new to jewelry making and want to learn, check out this tutorial and this one from Oksana + Hobbies.

What you need:

1. Beads (3 shades of the same color. I also used 3 different sizes)
2. Headpins (like these), jump rings (like these), and earring backs (like these)
3. Chain nosed pliers, round nosed pliers, wire cutters (you can order a set of all three here)

Step 1 - Place the beads on the headpin.

Step 2 - Trim the excess wire with wire cutters so that you have 3/8" wire on top.

Step 3 - Bend the wire at a right angle, then curl it back using round nose pliers.

Step 4 - Attach the beads to the earring hooks using jump rings, and you're done!

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