17 gennaio 2013

Free Printable Banners ~ Numbers & Shapes!!! – Alphabet Banner!!

As promised, I am back today to share even more free banners for you!  So many of you love the ease of the free printable alphabet banners I provided, so I thought numbers and some cute shapes might make you happy too ;-) !
** To Print just click on the link for each shape or number and click print from your top browser bar! **
First, here are numbers 0-9…
And now on to the fun shapes!
I used the snowflakes on this banner in my entry!
Whew… Almost done!  Now for a few more punctuation marks…..
Woohoo!  How fun is that??  I think I have a mild obsession with these ;-) !!  I made all that came to mind, but if you have any special requests just comment me below, and I will see if I can add them to the collection!
As always, I would LOVE for you to pin and share the heck out of these below!
To see how I cut and assembled mine, or if you missed the letter banners, you can check them out by clicking the photo below!

** UPDATE ~ Many of you have requested numbers and additional shapes… I have posted those and you can check them out HERE!  Make sure to follow us on Pinterest and Facebook to stay up to date on our posts!**
Well, it looks like you guys love free and easy projects as much as we do!
Thanks so much for all of your sweet messages and shares on my ‘Thankful’ Free Printable Banner!  I have had a TON of requests to provide you with the full alphabet so you can make a banner for any occasion!  This will be the easiest 10 minute project ever!
And just for fun… I also added a heart banner!  CUTE!
I used it here in a LOVE Banner!

So… Here it is!
**To print the banners, just click on the link for each letter, and push print from your browser bar at the top.**
Pretty darn easy!
And a little punctuation never hurts…..
Now… Just a quick refresher…
Print all of your letters first!  You can use regular printer paper.  I used cream printer paper that is a little heavier because I like the color of it a bit more.

Next, use a pair of scissors to cut out each banner!

Now, use whatever adhesive you have handy, and stick each letter on a different color paper.  I used double sided tape on Kraft paper.  It’s a pretty neutral brown color, and it’s super cheap at any craft store!  You can fit 2 letters on 1 12×12 sheet!

 Last, use your scissors to cut around each letter.  This creates a border… I didn’t measure at all… Just used the old eyeball method!
To hang mine, I used twine and clothespins… Also super cheap at any craft store!
That’s it!  Now you have a banner for any season, holiday and room that you wish!  How’s that for free and simple??
Here is my latest for my dining room… I am getting it ready for Christmas!  What do you think??

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