30 gennaio 2013

Part 1 of homemade silicone mold series

two brands of food safe FDA approved silicone mold I use . I buy this two from Michael’s using 40-50% coupons.

The box comes with two different colored component.

varieties of knick knacks one may use to make a silicone mold impression :)

hunt around your house for a “dish” deep enough to hold the mold you’re planning to make. It doesn’t have to be fancy, even a disposable container cover will do :)

take equal amount of each silicone component, knead together until mixture is of uniform color, place mixture in a “dish”

press the object to be molded face down into the silicone mixture

let “cure” for 25 minutes or per package direction

to remove cured silicone mold from the “dish”, run a thin knife along the edges, it should freely fall off the dish, if this doesn’t happen, gently tug at the edges of the cured silicone mold and pull it off the dish. To remove molded object off the silicone mold, bend the cured mold backwards, the molded object will gently “pop” off the silicone mold,..and voila, now have a homemade silicone mold :)

Cakeybakeymakey..Michael’s is a arts and craft store here in the US.. I also get my silicone mold making supplies from, here’s the link directly to the site:
I have personally used silicone plastique, copyflex liquid silicone, seal-dit, anchor-dit and safe-d-clay from and I love it.
here’s another online store where you can buy food safe silicone mold making materials. I have not personally used any of their products yet but I am planning to soon.
In the UK, you can buy silicone plastique, seal-dit, anchor-dit and safe-d-clay from this site:
In Australia, I found this site that sells “KLONE PUTTY” which they claim is similar to silicone plastique, here’s the link to it:
and here’s a site that sells silicone plastique in Australia: also has silicone putty (purple) and mold putty (yellow) being sold online and can be shipped worlwide. Here’s the link to what I found:


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