17 gennaio 2013

Stencils! New rugs, new frames

Ashley and I were so excited when we were recently asked to try Cutting Edge Stencils and make a little project with them.

Ash made some new frames for a blank hallway!
how to make a photo canvas
And I stenciled a new rug for my entryway…
This was such an easy project!  Using the stencils made the job so much easier than I am used to!  I didn’t have to pull out my machine and then search for paper or attempt cutting my own.  I just had to open up the box and I was ready to go!  That makes this Mama happy!  I had the whole rug done in just a few minutes while the babies took their naps.
I chose to use the medium size Zagora craft stencil
First I taped off my fabric edge and also taped the edge of my stencil to the rug.  I love how thick these stencils are, yet I never had a problem with them catching on my roller!
I used just a bit of cream acrylic paint and a foam roller brush to paint over the stencil.  I wanted a light coat, so I didn’t push too hard or use too much paint.
The last part is the most fun when you get to pick up your stencil and see the new design!
I just lined up the stencil where the last part finished off and I was done in literally minutes.
I also love the HUGE variety of stencils and sizes that Cutting Edge carries!  They have great craft size stencils for small projects like this, and larger ones that allow you to knockout an entire wall!!  They also have a great blog you can follow to get fun project inspiration for your stencil projects!
I love how it looks in the entryway!
So easy and fun!
The stencils can also be easily washed and used again and again.
My favorite part had to be the ease of this project!  Ashley will be sharing a full tutorial on her great wall frames very soon!

how to make a picture frame

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