30 gennaio 2013

{Video} How to Dry Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing

Video Tutorial on Drying Cookies Made with Royal Icing & Making Parisian-Themed Cookies

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Hi there!
Hope all of you are having a good start to 2012 and hope this year is filled with lots of sweet things for you.
I’m excited to start my year with some fun cookie themes, like these Parisian ones here. I’ll be doing a travelling series of Around the World decorated cookies, and I just happened to begin my journey with Paris, France.
Oh la la!
I knew when I found these paris design sticky notes by Jillian Phillips, I just had to make a cookie version. Thank you to Jillian and Lilla Rogers for allowing me to use her images! They were so fun to make, and really quite simple once you know a bit about piping royal icing. If you need some guidance, a good place to start is with my Cookie Decorating Tutorial, and two videos on Icing Consistency and How to Pipe Icing Lines.
As part of this post, I thought I’d share with you how I dry my cookies after I’ve decorated them with royal icing. It seems like such a simple thing but if you’re new to cookie decorating there can be lots of questions about how to do it so that your cookies turn out. You can find all my tips in this video here (I’ve put it here in the post again in case you missed it because sometimes the page takes a while to load):

Video on How to Dry Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing

If you can’t see the video click HERE.
If you prefer watching videos on Vimeo, click HERE.
Something I didn’t mention in the video, is that the cookie shapes were made using templates I made, not cutters. I thought I had an Eiffel Tower cookie cutter and when I went to look in my (eep, hundreds of) cutters, I didn’t actually have one.
Either way, if you’re not making too many of these, cutting the cookies out with a template and paring knife, isn’t difficult, it just takes a bit longer than using a cutter.
You can find an Eiffel Tower cookie cutter here, and for the other shapes you can be creative and use other cutters you already have. Take for example the dachshund, Cindy asked on facebook if it was from a stocking cookie cutter. It wasn’t, but it easily could have been. Thanks for the idea, Cindy!
I’m thinking these would work as romantic Valentine cookies too, don’t you?
Now I’ve got some questions for you…
Where in the world do you live? Are there buildings, things or symbols from your city or country which you think would make great cookies?
Share your thoughts with me here in the comment section below, or you can share them on Facebook or twitter. I can’t wait to see where you’re from and which cookies you’d love to see!
Happy decorating!
p.s. I’ve linked these cookies to TidyMom’s I’m Lovin’ It. Check out her page for lots of amazing and fun ideas!

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