11 febbraio 2013

Lime flavoured New York cheesecake

I baked this cake awhile ago when @mamajeroxie was in town. It has been sitting in draft for awhile. Some things just don’t change and my drafts are ever growing. Many will not see the daylight but I had to share this everyone. It is such a great New York cheesecake recipe and Jamie Oliver always deliver. This is from his very popular Jamie’s America cookbook which I also happen to use fairly often.

lime flavoured New York cheesecake

My mum is a big New York cheesecake fan which is why I baked it. I do recall that she had more than half of this cake so I guess it means that she loves it right? Well, what I love about this recipe is the lightness of the cheesecake (but it is not, of course) and the meringue made it special and brought it to another level.
By the way, I always use Philadelphia cream cheese when baking cheesecake. How about you?

lime flavoured New York cheesecake
lime flavoured New York cheesecake

Personal notes:
  1. My bake cheesecake began to crack. I asked twitter what the reason may be. A few said that it is slightly over baked. Which is why I said to check at 40mins. I checked at 45 and there is a crack. As we all know, every oven is different. Better be safe
  2. And when it says chill, it means chill properly! I was too eager and cut into it too early! It was not set probably but I was against the natural light! I cut into it again the next day and it was perfect! So good idea to make this a day before.

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