17 gennaio 2013

Candy Cane Bow Necklace (or Ornament)

You may remember a few months ago I got hooked on polymer clay. I posted this collection of tips for beginners as well as some simple projects to get you started. Since then, I've made a ton of things with clay, but this is the first tutorial I'm sharing with you.

I made a candy cane bow and turned it into a Christmas necklace. This bow also makes a gorgeous ornament, and is a fun gift topper.

What you need:

1. Polymer clay (I used Sculpey red and white clay)
2. Sculpey Glaze and brush
3. Knife (I used the X-ACTO Z Series Knife)
4. Jewelry findings (If you plan on making a necklace)

How to make candy cane rope

1. Break off two equal chunks of white and red clay. Knead these pieces separately. Roll each piece into a rope. (Make sure that you are using the same brand for both so that the baking time and temperatures are the same.)

2. Roll these two ropes together into one thicker rope.

3. Twist all along the length of the rope until the stripes are somewhat evenly spaced. It's normal for the rope to be a little bumpy at this point.

4. Roll out the rope with your hands until it is smooth and all approximately the same width as a candy cane.

How to make a clay bow

1. Start near the center of your candy cane rope. Create a loop to one side.

2. Don't try to tie a real bow or knot. Just pinch the clay in the middle, and make another loop on the left. Let the end of the rope cross over the rest of the bow and continue on to the right.

3. Cut another little piece of rope and wrap it around the center of the bow. Use an X-ACTO knife to cut it to the right length and then smooth the ends together with your fingers. This will be the back of the bow.

4. Cut the ends of the bow with your knife, and bake the bow flat and upside down according to the instructions on the package.

5. Let it fully cool and then paint on a coat of gloss to make it look shiny like candy.

I turned mine into a necklace with gold chain. You could also turn it into a beautiful Christmas ornament, and use it to wrap a gift.

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