17 gennaio 2013

DIY Cross Hatch Stamp

I loved these easy DIY stamps so much, I wanted to make some more. I've always wanted a cross hatch stamp to use to fill in a larger shape or area. My artistic side loves the little sets of parallel lines (or maybe it's my mathematical side).

Follow this tutorial for more detailed instructions on how to make this kind of stamp. The short version is: Cut out shapes from craft foam sheets and glue them to a wooden block.

Some people have asked where to find wooden blocks. I've used ones I already had around the house... a couple were scraps of wood from another project, and a couple were... well, taken from my son's wooden block set. At the craft store in the woodworking section, you can find different shapes and sizes of wood pieces, but it might be easiest to get a small set of toy wooden blocks (they also sell these at most craft stores).

It's a good idea (and cute) to mark the top of your stamp with an image of the stamp itself. Especially when you are using the stamp as a part of a pattern, it's important to make sure that it is always turned the right way. Simply stamp a piece of paper, cut it out, and glue or Mod Podge it to the top of the wooden block.

Once you've made your cross hatch stamp, it's easy to make cross-hatched shapes.

Step 1: Use a piece of scrap paper or newspaper and cut out the shape that you want.

Step 2: Tape your stencil to your surface with a low stick kind of tape. Start stamping.

Step 3: Keep stamping. Make sure to stamp across all of the edges so that there aren't any gaps or holes. Use the picture on the top of the stamp to make sure that the hatches are going in the right direction.

Step 4: Carefully remove the tape and stencil and VOILA!

I made this adorable little whale to frame and hand in the kids' bathroom. I also used two different colors to make this bird. The possibilities are endless!

This is also a fun idea for a handmade card, or a fun way to personalize a simple kraft paper gift bag.

You could also use this kind of stamp with acrylic paint or fabric paint to create a pattern on a t-shirt or tote bag.

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