30 gennaio 2013

Diva Claus Decorated Cookies

Don’t know what to get the fashionista in your life this Christmas?
Can’t go wrong with sweet and stylish Diva Claus cookies.  ;-)
I had fun making these and once I got going I found there were endless ways of ‘dressing them up’.
I ran out of cookies before I ran out of ideas.
The original idea for the bejewelled shoe cookies came from Rosey Sugar.  If you haven’t seen them, you must click over to her page here to see what she makes.  I just love her style and her beautiful cookies.
The icing on this green handbag needed to be mixed a bit more.  For a few tips on cookie decorating mistakes to avoid (which I need remember lol), click on this post here.
It’s hard to see in the picture below, but of course I had to add my favorite, disco dust, for some shoe bling.  If you need a ‘how-to’ on using disco dust, click here.
The holly sprinkles were a quick and easy way to dress this handbag up.
If you’d like to try making these cookies here is everything you’ll need and more:

Diva Claus Cookies

Happy decorating!

Find A Cookie Decorator

For those of you looking to order Diva Claus or other decorated cookies, I really don’t have time for orders, so have set up a Cookie Decorating Directory to help those of you looking to order cookies, to find a decorator.  Click here or on the chocolate chip cookie at the top right hand corner of the blog to see the directory.

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