30 gennaio 2013

Iced Biscuits

Flavours: Gingerbread, vanilla, chocolate or lemon.

Meet the Monster Gang, for Halloween 2011.

Christening Dress iced biscuits.           ‘Moroccan Tile’ hand piped iced biscuits

Personalised wedding cake iced biscuits          Dahlia Flower iced biscuits

Spotty name iced biscuits

Pale pink and brown bow handbag,shoe and heart.    Pastel name iced biscuits

Ballon on sticks iced biscuits.                   Iced Easter Biscuits

Spring ‘Present’ iced biscuits.                          Single Red rose plain biscuit.

Personalised iced biscuits.

Have you got yours?                                  Fit for a king – Crown iced biscuits.

Brown Hen with her eggs.                                     Seasonal Produce iced biscuits.

Gold embellished teacup and teapot.                Card suit filigree iced biscuits.

Black and pink set and pink and green set.             Pale pink and mauve set.

Pale pink and brown set.               New baby – Bib, rattle and pram iced biscuits.

Mother’s Day Iced Biscuits

Sac Boy, Herbie Car and Number Iced Biscuits         ‘Thanks’ iced biscuits

Filigree Butterfly iced biscuits.                         Ivory Dove and bunny rabbit.

Ivory dove, butterfly, dress and shoe.            Vintage filigree egg and butterfly.

Baby Shower iced biscuits                        Red front door.

Filigree Heart.

Halloween gingerbread biscuits from £1.00

Corgi shaped iced biscuits

Autumn themed leaf and flower.                         Glitzy lingerie

Glitzy Lingerie gingerbread biscuits, with edible glitter.

Wedding cake and dress biscuits.          Plain with a single fondant rose and leaf.

Football Shirts and Football Bicuits                  ’Thank You’ hearts and stars

Teddy Bear Biscuits with red tie.                     Ivory Flower Biscuits

Handbags and Shoes                                   Lingerie

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