17 gennaio 2013

Mason Jar Planter Box for Mother’s Day

 We came up with something super cute, quick, and of course CHEAP!  Woohoo!

This is beyond easy to make!  Here are the supplies you need…
Total cost for materials???
First attach your 12″ pieces together like this…
We used Gorilla Wood Glue and finish nails.
Now add your 2 1/2″ ends like this…
Now it’s time to finish it! We decided to ‘shanty’ ours up a bit!
You like the finish?  It was super simple and you will be surprised to see what we used!  I will share that in a next post!
Now for the screen door pulls (or any handle you like)…
Put one in each end!  That’s it!
Now just add your flowers in your mason jars!  We chose these great Asiatic Lily’s for ours!  Meme loves flowers and bright colors, so these are a win-win!
What do you think???
Are you thinking what we are?? Shanty yet OH SO CHIC at the same time?? ;-)
We think she will love it!  This is a great way to personalize flowers for someone!  It can also be reused over and over for so many thing!
And in case you missed it… $8 for supplies?!?  Yes please!

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