17 gennaio 2013

Photo Blocks using Rit Dye

I started with my wood pieces.  Mine were scraps of 2×4, 2×6 and 2×8.  I made no measurements… Just used the good ol’ eyeball method.

Now for the Rit dye…
I decided to use Cherry Red for his room.  One great thing about Rit are your color options.  They have 25 different colors to choose from.  You can also use their great Colorit Formula Guide to achieve 500 different colors… LOVE that!
I prepared my dye by adding 1 cup of the dye to 16 cups of really hot water.  I used an empty rubbermaid container to mix mine.
Make sure to use a glove!  I soaked both sides of each piece for 5 minutes each.  So easy! No brushing or wiping… Just let it soak!
Then I let them dry on an old towel.   I love that I didn’t have to wipe it like stain, and I could do it in my kitchen because there were no bad fumes!  My kind of project!  I also love that you can achieve the look of a stain in so many different color options.
While those were drying I printed some pictures of my little man using my printer with regular paper.  I cut each picture to fit the blocks with just a little left on each side.
I used spray adhesive to attach my photos to the blocks.
Then, I used a thin layer of mod podge over each picture.
I used my Silhouette to cut out his name in black vinyl.  You can also print and cut your own name using your printer and just mod podge the paper.
The results…
Don’t you love the stained look??
These are another take on the photo blocks I did for my in-laws last year.  I think these are such a fun, cheap and easy gift!  They are great for any occasion and can be done in SO many different ways… Especially now with Rit dye!
I loved working with Rit dye on this wood.  I am so glad to discover how cool this stuff is on wood!
You can keep up with Rit and other project ideas on their sites…

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