17 gennaio 2013

Tiered Basket Tray

This is super easy to make… And no power tools needed! ;-)
I found all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby.
I found the baskets 1/2 off and spent $9 on both of them together.  They had lots of shallow baskets like this one to choose from!
I used a small candlestick for my base piece.  They are sold in a bag of 6.
I used these unfinished candlesticks.  You can find them in the unfinished wood section, and you can also buy them from HL online!
I also got 2 thin wood ovals for $.79 a piece… Same section!
I used these wood circles.  I bought 1 large one and 2 smaller ones.
And the key ingredient in this project is the Gorilla Glue Epoxy!  I love this stuff.  It has the consistency of hot glue, but a super permanent hold!  It is a bit stinky, but that totally goes away when it dries!
All you do is squeeze equal parts of both onto a tray (or really professional dixie plate ;-) ) and mix it really well.
I attached my candlestick parts like this…
And my base part like this…
I gave those 3 pieces a coat of my very fav…
Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Heirloom White
After they dried I added some Gorilla Glue Epoxy to the top of my base part…
I attached my larger basket to this piece… Make sure to let it dry really good.  It’s a good idea to put something heavy like a book or something there while it dries.
Next, I used the epoxy to attach my first candlestick piece and the smaller basket.
My last step was attaching my other candlestick piece using the epoxy.  I decided to top this one off with a fun knob to add some color!  You can epoxy it to the top, and you may need to drill a hole in the candlestick for the screw.  That’s it!
Pretty darn easy!  And pretty cute I think!  She is always looking for something to hold plastic forks and spoons when we have parties and I think this would fit the bill!  I love it!
Hope you like it!

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