18 gennaio 2013

worlds fastest stamp {DIY}

Do you love stamps like I do?
You can buy wonderful stamps like hers: margamarina.
But you can even make your own stamps quite easily!
This is the fastest DIY-project I ever made.
You need: 
  • cork
  • deco-confetty
  • glue

I found these wonderful little birds and hearts made of wood.
Aren’t they beautiful?

Here we go:

Put some glue on one of the hearts…

…stick the heart in the middle of the cork. Finished!
And did you measure the time?
I would say at most 3 seconds.
My personal record on the DIY-sector.

And as it is so quick and easy, make some more hearts and birds in different sizes…

…and you will have one stamp for every colour and the birds can fly in both directions.

They don’t want to fly to the south, but even back to us in spring…

…and land on a branch nearby.

Today at 6 am, the twitter was real loud, some of the birds have to be landed on our tree.

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