14 febbraio 2013

Benefits of Looking Your Best by Waxing – Part 1

Waxing off unwanted hair has a lot of benefits that are deeper than you may realize.  Whether you’re a woman removing an unsightly mustache or a man removing stubborn, unattractive neck hairs, when you look your very best and know it, opportunities open up.

Here are a few reasons to get a professional wax, and more will follow in Part 2 of this mini-series:

  • Upgrade your entire appearance, from unwanted hair removal to manicures to a more professional-looking business wardrobe.  More than a few studies have proven that you can improve your salary by up to 10% simply by pulling out all the stops on looking your best.
  • If you’re in the market for a new job, your best shot at a second interview involves looking your best.  Your neat, polished appearance will sell you to your potential employers before you’ve said a word.
  • Don’t settle for a job that doesn’t meet your present worth.  Shoot for a higher paying job.  The way you look in an initial interview could convince a potential employer that you have the professional savvy to be worth top pay.
  • Have you ever wished people would give you more respect?  There’s something about looking your best and carrying yourself confidently that gives you an edge in being persuasive.  Right or wrong, people have a tendency to look upon attractive people as independent thinkers who have opinions that should be highly valued.
  • When you dress and look your best, people perceive you as a person with a strong sense of purpose.  The people you come in contact with give you a higher level of credibility than they give others.  Perhaps you’re given more credibility by the simple fact that you obviously take yourself seriously.
Not convinced that simply getting a much-needed body wax can do all of these wonderful things for you?  Dare yourself to try!  And look for part two of this series to learn other ways in which a good waxing could be a step toward overall life enhancement.

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