14 febbraio 2013

Benefits of Looking Your Best by Waxing – Part 2 of 2


Unwanted, unsightly body hair is a fact of life which shouldn’t be ignored.  Plenty of research has proven that when you look your very best, you multiply your chances of success.  There are times when it’s impossible to look your best apart from hair removal, and waxing is the preferred method for lasting, sometimes luxurious results.

Be sure to read Part 1 in our series on the benefits of looking your best by waxing.  Five more benefits follow:

  • Perception of your accomplishments can be amplified when your appearance is consistently impressive.  Even if your job performance isn’t necessarily any better than other people’s, if your inner and outer beauty shines, you’ll be perceived as if you out-performed your peers.
  • What if you looked at yourself every hour on the hour?  Would your self-confidence plummet or get a real boost?  The fact is that when you look your best, you feel more self-confident.  Every ounce of self-doubt and lack of assurance that you can eliminate can feed your self-worth and improve the air of confidence that you exude.
  • Can looking your best make you a happier person?  Actually, yes!  If you’ve ever been uncomfortably overweight, for instance, you know that it can be a bit depressing to discover that your former
  • “fat jeans” reserved for days when you felt bloated have just become your best “skinny jeans.”  Whether it’s because you’ve worked off unwanted fat or removed unwanted hairs, you’ll be happier when you’ve done the best you can with what your momma gave you.
  • Another great benefit to waxing is that you can make a better first impression.  Whether the person you hope to impress is a potential employer or a blind date, the best thing you can do is give attention to your head-to-toe appearance.  First impressions make lasting impressions, and you could pull off a look so terrific, it’s never forgotten.
  • When you look like a winner, other people will be more interested in being in your network of associates.  Expanding your network is equivalent to expanding your opportunities.  There are many amazing doors that can be opened in life, and most of them are opened according to who you know.

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