24 gennaio 2013

Recipe: Homemade Nutella

There’s still some left of the weekend, right?
My intention was to have this up in time for the weekend, but instead it’s now just in time for the week, which is maybe even better.
Well, because you can now make the Nutella in what’s left of this weeken, and have some of this deliciousness left to “spice up” the upcoming week!
It’s been a whirlwind of a week. This weekend went by with the snap of two fingers.
It’s been great spending last weekend was doing a photo-shoot on a stunning island with breathtaking landscape.
The island is a part of a group of 400 islands located on the border to Sweden, about one hour from my little island.
The wind was cold, but the sun was up and hours were spent outside meandering in the beautiful landscape.
Now, onto the heart of the matter.
Let’s face it I’m a chocolate fiend, and when my beautiful Norwegian friend, that I visited in Milano last month, tells me that Nutella is sooo easy to make, I perked up a bit over breakfast.
( Breakfast was shamefully, dark chocolate with spoonfuls of Nutella…)
I don’t usually start the day with such overpowering sweetness, I’m more of a tea and fruit kind of a girl, but when in my friend’s kitchen on a weekend, why not;)
So when I got home, the wheels in my head started turning, and I was ready to test out just how easy it was to make this little hazelnut and chocolate treat at home.
It simply is a bit of roasting, de-shelling and a kitchen aid, et voila!
(Recipe to the end of the post)
Roast the Hazelnuts for 10 min
Put the out-of-the-oven-hot-Hazelnuts in a damp kitchen towel and massage the dark soft-shells off.
Pick out, the now light colored and “naked” Hazelnuts, or grab a handful and blow on them like my little niece thought was a good idea.
Add them to a mixmaster and start it up.
Keep it one for about 5 min till the nuts have began to look like bread crumbs.
Then add the other ingredients.
Turn the mixmaster back on for about 10 min, scraping down the sides when needed.
Et voila, delicious homemade Nutella without wax, preservatives, loads or of sugar is now ready to be enjoyed.
What you need:
200g Hazelnuts
50g Dark chocolate (Lindt is a great option. Remember to use quality chocolate here)
2 table spoons of Cocoa powder
2 table spoons of Icing sugar
Makes one medium size jar.
How to make it:
Roast the naked Hazelnuts in the oven spread out on a tray for about 10 min, or until the inside is golden. (take out one, split it open and check for golden color)
When done, pour the nuts onto a damp kitchen towel and massage off the soft brown shell left on the nuts. (See above images)
Pour nuts in a mixmaster and turn it on hight till the nuts resembel bread crumbs, then add all the other ingredients.
Turn mixmaster back on till all has become liquid, scraping the mixture down from the sides of the mixmaster when needed till it has become a liquid. There is no need to add water or oil. After a while the natural oil in the hazelnuts will make it all become perfect Nutella.
Do not think that when it’s become liquid that you have to add more cocoa powder or icing sugar for it to be more dough like, This will naturally happen as it cools down;)
Pout the content onto clean jars to store in the frige. It will keep for weeks in an airtight jar.
Now, sit back, relax and enjoy you very own homemade Nutella any way you like it…perhaps on warm toast as it melts ever so perfectly…?

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