17 gennaio 2013

Test Tube Bud Vase Centerpiece – DIY

Here is how my Test Tube Bud Vase turned out!

diy vase
This took me literally 30 minutes or so to make!  And the best part… All you need is a drill!
The biggest question I had when I first started planning this was where I would find the test tubes.  I found my test tubes on Amazon here.  I bought 10 for under $10 and I had free shipping.  I LOVE Amazon.  It is always so easy and the shipping is always very fast!  I actually received mine the day after I ordered… Woohoo!
For my wood I used an 8-foot 2×6″ board from Lowe’s.  I cut mine 44″ long.  You can also have the guys at Lowe’s or HD cut it for you for free!  The board was under $4 and you can make 2 of them out of 1 board.
I first marked my board 2″ from the side.  Then, I put a mark every 5″ from that point.  So, I had 9 marks on my board where I will put the holes.
I decided I wanted to shanty my board up a bit, so I hit it with a hammer a bunch.
To drill your holes, you will need a spade bit.  I found mine at Lowe’s.  I used this 13/16″ spade bit.
Just put it in your drill and you are ready to go!  I put a hole on every mark, and I made sure to go down about the same depth on each one.
Easy peasy!
Now the fun part…
Hellllllllo Kona!
I am LOVING Rust-Oleum Kona Ultimate Wood Stain!  So pretty!
rust-oleum wood stain
That’s it!
My final step was picking up  a few fresh flowers from the grocery store and filling the tubes with a little bit of water!
Now… How easy is that?!
Let’s do the math here…
$10 for test tubes
$4 for my wood
$14 for supplies… Yup! That is my kind of project!  Want to see what I made with the extra test tube?? I will be sharing that soon! ;-)
For now… Here are a few more pictures!
how to make a bud vase
how to make a vase
diy vase
diy centerpiece
bud vases
test tube vase
flower vases
Hope you love it!
Not a fresh flower kind person… No sweat! Just skip the water and use some artificial ones!

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